Vision today

Disaster recovery, construction of offshore-/onshore wind parks
or large public events need a stable telecommunication network connectivity.

Nowadays, there are several situations, which require immediate and stable telecommunication networks. These are for example, a stable connectivity during natural disasters, where the infrastructure is affected or destroyed or large public events, where many network participants need high rates of data transmission. Another scenario could be telecommunication requirements in remote areas, which are hard accessible. For instance, this is the case during building operation of offshore wind parks or onshore wind parks in unpopulated areas.

With our two G520 high altitude aircraft, we have the ability to provide telecommunication networks especially for such scenarios ON DEMAND. We confirmed the possibility to deliver network coverage from the stratosphere many times and can deliver this network in a 24/7 operation in an area with a diameter of ca. 140 km / 76 nm. We can operate our G520 fully automated at FL450 as an Optional Pilot Vehicle (OPV). One pilot has to be on board the aircraft for redundancy and legal airspace operation. The G520 aircraft is currently driven by state of the art turbo-prop systems.

Vision tomorrow

No network connection? This is stuff for today.
Stable and fast telecommunication networks
delivered by HAP-systems is stuff for tomorrow…

To operate a High Altitude platform autonomously, sustainably, environment friendly and long lasting in the stratosphere entails several technology challenges. These challenges are for instance the power generation including energy storage for the HAP-system, the building of huge lightweight structures, thermal management and a high reliability of the whole system.

Additional, large future constellations of autonomous HAP-systems requires organized operation and legally correct handling in controlled civil airspace.

Our modern digital world is becoming even more interconnected. This is valid for nearly every technology market. For instance, communication or mobility.

We at HATS work and believe in new aircraft technologies, especially those technologies for high altitudes to provide a sustainable, fast and accessible telecommunication for everybody all the time.

In the future, telecommunication will be needed during natural disasters, to shorten the repair time of the infrastructure, but also to deliver a network during mega public events. It is also thinkable to deliver network via HAP-systems to difficult to  access areas, for example during building operations of off-shore wind parks. Future constellations of HAP-systems could provide, or extend, existing telecommunication networks.

We maintain that HAP-systems are an important part in the future market of communication. Our vision is a modern connected world provided to the highest standards of sustainable and green high altitude technologies.