SFTE Symposium "Glimpse into the Future of flight test"

SFTE Symposium  "Glimpse into the Future of flight test"

The 53rd international SFTE Symposium was held October 24-28, 2022 at the ITPS (International Test Pilot School), London, Ontario Canada.

Martin Hinterwaldner, member of our HATS Team and our G520 Testpilot, is also member of the SFTE (Society of Flight Test Engineers) and was participating at the 53rd SFTE Symposium.

Martin Hinterwaldner and Frank Demmler, CTO of HATS, have written a paper "High Altitude Flight Testing G520 - designed in the past for the future". Martin Hinterwaldner was presenting this paper at the symposium demonstrating to the international flight test community how our G520 with "Full Envelope Autopilot (FEAP) System" will lead us into the future. We are using the FEAP System in our G520 double seater aircraft to operate the G520 as an OPV. This system is needed to operate the aircraft accurately on specific predefined flight patterns overhead desired or requested mission areas.

Martin reported, it was interesting to give an overview of our G520 status and projects to a highly interested international audience. He also said it was impressive to listen to all the other interesting presentations and also see the training facilities being available at the ITPS.

Thank you/ Danke to the SFTE and ITPS for the opportunity to present a part of our flight test work with the G520.

A link to the Homepage of SFTE and the paper/video can be found here (page bottom):
2022 - Canada - Society of Flight Test Engineers (sfte.org)