We bring your payload to the stratosphere

We define and certify STC's

Beside our regular G520 aircraft test operation we have the ability to equip different aircraft systems with different sensors or systems, which can be operated worldwide.

For this, we define and certify Supplement Type Certificates (STC) for specific systems of potential customers. The GROB aircraft company with their certificates for developing, producing, maintaining or repairing aircraft systems supports us for these STC services.

Flexibility to the max

We can also use our G520 aircraft for flight test campaigns with different systems up to FL450 or for research of different parameters like
temperature, pressure, vibration, flight control parameter and much more.
Do contact us to discuss your requirements!


The G 520NG in its standard configuration already supplies superior storage capabilities in 13 bays accommodating payloads in all SWP factors.

Cargo volume of 3.84 m3
Cargo weight of 1,145 kg
Additional 1.35 m3 pressurized cabin space for environmental sensitive mission equipment.


The G 520NG OPV was, like no other aircraft, specifically designed to operate as a surveillance platform, integrating all types of sensors, antennas and subsystems.

The structural concept is even allowing for fuselage extensions, offering the highest flexibility and versatility.
The G520 NG OPV is the most capable ISR platform for todays and tomorrows requirements.